Employee Monitoring – The SWOT Analysis

Employee Monitoring can be carried out in various forms depending upon the advent of latest technologies. With the evolving work culture and the accessibility to various forms of mechanisms to experiment with, there is a high possibility of employees falling prey to the increased exposure of free resources.  It is at this juncture that the practice of Employee Monitoring becomes a mandatory one.

Employee Monitoring – A blessing in disguise:

Nowadays employees are not only aware of the concept of Employee Monitoring but also have started to accept it whole-heartedly. The employees have a fair understanding of the underlying fact in the concept of employee monitoring and how the same monitoring activity can prove to be a blessing in disguise to them.

At times of certain disputes either between employees themselves or between the employer and the employee the recorded data from the monitoring devices proves to be solid evidence to arrive at a justifiable solution. So for a person who is at no fault, no wrongful action can be taken against him.

The SWOT Analysis:

While Employee Monitoring has become an everyday activity, it is important that we do the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat Analysis. Be it any process under sky, it will definitely have these four aspects attached to it and the success of the process depends upon the ratio of their presence.

The Strength of Employee Monitoring:

Employee Monitoring has a lot of strengths rather a number of benefits attached to it. It has distinctive benefits to the employer and the employee separately. Benefits to the Employer are as follows:

  • It assures the safe custody of confidential data that might prove to decide the fortune of the company.

  • It ensures that employees are using their full potential to give increased productivity.

  • It cuts down unnecessary wasting of time.

  • It sees to that proper office decorum is maintained.

  • It ensures that the resources available at the office are used only for official purpose.

  • It helps in cost cutting by bringing down wastage of office properties.

  • It helps to safeguard office vehicles and the safety of the employees by installing proper tracking devices.

  • It helps in avoiding unnecessary clashes between various groups of employees by keeping a watch over the happenings inside office premises.

  • It ensures the safety of the employees by eradicating any harassment and stalking by fellow employees or others.

The Weakness of Employee Monitoring:

Employee monitoring is a very sensitive task to be handled and has its own share of weakness to be mentioned too.

  • It affects the privacy of the employees

  • It develops a feeling of restlessness among employees and makes them feel less confident.

  • When not properly dealt with this might rupture the cordial relationship between the employee and the employer.

  • It has a cost attached to it and it requires constant up gradation depending upon the advent of newer technologies.

  • It has a lot of legal regularities in place to be followed.

The Opportunities of Employee Monitoring:

The concept of Employee Monitoring Keylogger software has a lot of opportunities in today’s market. The organizations as well as the employees have by far accepted this for its various beneficial features. The fact that there are a variety of employee monitoring devices and systems available in the market makes it an even more welcomed tool by organizations both big and small.

The wide spread presence of monitoring devices in almost all places, right from traffic signals, ATM’s, Banks, Shops, etc., has made it a very common aspect and ahs been well accepted by the public. So the presence of a monitoring device in an office or a sign board stating “This area is under surveillance doesn’t cause any uneasiness among the employees or customers any more.

The Threats of Employee Monitoring:

Employee monitoring is a very delicate task and should be put to practice in the most ethical way possible. There are circumstances where this concept is used to the benefit of just one party that mostly happens to be the employer. This is a real threat to the employees working in the organization.

Moreover there are certain laws that guide the ethical practice of the employee monitoring mechanism and companies are expected to comply by them while installing such monitoring mechanisms. The employees are to be well informed about the procedure and proper consent should be taken from them.

There is a certain extent up to which the monitoring activities could be followed and any breach of this extent will invite serious legal implications.

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